Switching capacity up to 25A.
PC board mounting and insert mounting available.
Suitable for automation system and automobile auxiliary etc.
Outline Dimensions (mm) 23 15.5 26mm
Contact Arrangement  
(China) 1H 1Z
(International) 1A 1C
Contact Rating 1A Type: 25A/14VDC 1C Type: 20A/14VDC
Contact Resistance or Voltage drop <=50m
Max. Switching Power 350W
Max. Switching Voltage 75VDC
Max. Switching Current 25A
Mechanical Operation life 1 107
Electrical Operation life 1 105
Coil resistance 1.2W 1.5W
Coil Rated Voltage 6,12,24,48Vdc
Pickup voltage VDC(max) 70% rated voltage
Release voltageVDC(min) 10% rated voltage
Reverted Voltage
Operate Time <=10ms
Release Time <=7ms
Coil Maximan VoltageVDC 130% rated voltage
Insulation Resistance 100M (at 500V)
Dielectric Strength  
(Between contacts) 50Hz, 500V
(Between contact and coil) 50Hz, 1000V
Shock Resistance 10G 11ms
Vibration resistance 10~40Hz double amplitude 1.27mm
Ambient Temperature -40 ~ 85C
Relative Humidity 85% (at 45C)
Mass 22g
Cross Reference SIEMENS : VFM